Earn Professional Credentials
Through the iGO CPO Program

iGO offers a nationally-recognized certification program, designed to promote excellence and continuing education opportunities for public officials.

iGO members have an opportunity to earn professional credentials through the Certified Public Officials (CPO) Program. Recognizing the need to promote educational standards for the nation’s professional administrators of county elections, court systems, land records and records management, iGO offers this program to members.

Individuals complete an extensive program of continuing education focusing on specific areas of responsibility. Credits can be earned at sessions that are held at iGO conferences or webinars. Certification modules include clerk to board/court administration, elections administration, land records and records management.

Certified Public Official designations are awarded at the iGO Annual Conference, held each summer. Along with the privilege of using the “CPO” designation beside their signature, CPOs also receive a display plaque recognizing achievement as a Certified Public Official.

Steps to Becoming a Certified Public Official

The CPO Course Credit Application must by received by June 1st to be awarded at the next Annual Conference.

Step 1: Enroll in the iGO CPO Program

Enroll online or complete the enrollment form in the CPO workbook. The enrollment fee is $25.

Online Form: CPO Enrollment

Step 2: Earn Credits

Attend iGO Conferences and Webinars to earn credits toward your CPO designation. Review the CPO workbook for more information and other ways to earn credits.

Step 3: Complete the CPO Course Credit Application

Complete the ‘CPO Course Credit Application’ online or on the form in the CPO Workbook and pay the fees of $12.50 per credit, as outlined in the CPO Workbook, then email your list of credits to info@iaogo.org.  For any payment questions, please contact info@iaogo.org.

Online Form: CPO Course Credit Application

Step 4: Complete the CPO Award Application

Once you have been notified that your application has been approved please complete the ‘CPO Award Application’ for a fee of $20. All CPOs will be awarded at the next Annual Conference.

Online Form: CPO Award Application

CPO Re-Certification

All CPO’s will need to re-certify every two years. After two years, complete the ‘CPO Re-Certification Enrollment’ for an fee of $20. Next, attend educational sessions to earn credits. Apply for re-certification on the ‘CPO Re-Certification Course Credit Application’ online or on the PDF application in the workbook. Re-certification fees are $170 (12 credit hours @ $12.50/credit + $20 evaluation fee).

Online Forms:

CPO Re-Certification Enrollment

CPO Re-Certification Course Credit Application

iGO CPO Program Q&A

How do I get started?

Visit the iGO website and print out the Certification Workbook. Register for the program by sending the registration form on page six of the workbook, along with the $25 enrollment fee, to the iGO office. Contact iGO office to receive a copy of your transcript. Collect all of your information regarding other training activities (agendas, certificates, etc.) and start applying those sessions to the appropriate categories in the worksheets found in the workbook.

Do all credits for certification need to come from iGO sessions?

No, 16 of 72 in the Management tier and 12 of 24 in the job specific tier need to be iGO sponsored credits. The rest of the credits can come from other sources such as work experience, college credits, or other training sessions.

What non-iGO types of courses are eligible to apply towards my CPO?

State association meetings, speakers, online courses, webinars, professional development courses, internal county training (any kind of supervisory training, FMLA, diversity, sexual harassment, disaster recovery, ethics, budgeting, etc.)

What is not eligible?

What documentation is needed for courses other than iGO sponsored ones?

A course description and proof of attendance – either an attendance certificate or registration confirmation.

Does the CPO designation expire?

Yes, the CPO designation will expire two years from the date awarded. See the CPO workbook for information about how to renew your certification.

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