iGO Innovator Award

The new iGO Innovator Award will be awarded to individuals in the Elections, Recorders, Clerks and Treasurers division in honor of their unique achievements and best practices in their respective fields.

Application Coming Soon.

Excellence in County Government Award

The International Association of Government Officials’ (iGO) Excellence in County Government Award was created to recognize an iGO member who  exemplifies leadership, provides excellence in his/her office and is of the highest integrity. Please nominate the person you feel is most deserving of this award.

Guidelines and Eligibility Requirements:

  • Has exemplified leadership, ingenuity, provided excellence in his/her office and is of the highest Integrity,
  • Has been a member of a government officials association for at least five years,
  • Has been active in attending iGO’s Annual Conferences.

Application Coming Soon.

Application Instructions:

  • One application must be completed for each submission.
  • All supporting documentation must be attached to the application and cannot exceed five pages.

Send Entries to:
Mail: International Association of Government Officials, 110 Horizon Drive, Ste. 210, Raleigh, NC 27615
Email: info@iaogo.org

Award Timeline:
Coming Soon

For more information on the iGO Excellence in County Government Award or Innovator Award email aby@imiae.com.


Excellence in County Government Award

2017: Juan Guzman, Denver County, CO

iGO Innovator Award: Clerk’s Division

2017: David Orr, Cook County, IL

iGO Innovator Award: Election Official’s Division

2017: Andrew Howell, Shawnee County, KS

iGO Innovator Award: Recorder’s Division

2017: Debra Johnson, Denver County, CO

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